Aerie Art Therapy Services is the private practice of Art Therapist, Dana Stefanson BFA, DWHEAT. The services offered include but are not limited to individual therapy, long or short-term group therapy, open studio therapy, workshops, and contracts.
Dana’s approach to art therapy is studio-based. She incorporates focusing, play therapy, talk therapy, narrative and cognitive behavioral therapy. She has committed to ongoing education and understanding of indigenous perspectives and strives to offer a practice that is culturally sensitive. Dana’s practice has been primarily focused on children and youth, however adults and seniors also benefit from art therapy and are welcome to individual, group or community sessions.

Individual Therapy
If you or your child are struggling with mental illness, depression, anxiety, grief, or trauma consider booking a free consultation to discuss how art therapy can help.
Group Therapy
Creating art in community has numerous health benefits. Check our events page here to see what groups are being offered.If you are looking for community, or have a group (family, friends, co-workers) that you think might benefit from group sessions, please contact us here.
Open Studio
The Art Nest is a Free Open Studio Program offered by Aerie Art Therapy with the following aims:
  • To offer a safe and welcoming place for creativity
  • To highlight the mental health benefits of engaging in the creative process
  • To build community, foster relationships
  • To explore art making as a tool for social action, healing, and empowerment
  • To engage local youth, help them build a tool kit to facilitate the shaping of their own communities and futures
  • To share skills, ideas and resources including abundant materials available for creative recycling
  • To foster self-directed experiences of creativity and learning
During this program the studio is free and everyone is welcome to come and create as they please. Visit the Art Nest Page for more details.
Workshops and Contracts
Art Therapy workshops are available in a variety of formats on location for businesses, educational settings, community groups, teams, events etc.
Mental Health affects all of us. Art Therapy offers a unique way to engage your group in thinking about mental health and developing tools and strategies for improving individually and as a community. Whether its in a one time event, or a series of workshops, Aerie Art Therapy can offer specifically tailored creative experiences in your location.
Contact us to find out more.